The HOME Story

Home Ownership Made Easy, (HOME) is a 501(c)3 non-profit housing corporation dedicated to providing housing opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.  HOME was founded in 1989 by Westside Regional Center and a group of parents who sought to develop alternative housing options for adults with developmental disabilities. A developmental disability includes but is not limited to intellectually challenged, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, and conditions similar. 

HOME has a successful history of providing housing to Regional Center consumers and currently operates an affordable housing program.  HOME's efforts and activities are focused on individuals and families that have developmental disabilities. 


HOME will create an independent, empowering living experience for persons and families with developmental disabilities.  HOME will seek to increase local, statewide, federal and private resources that serve disabled consumers and maintain an independent, affordable living environment by developing alternative housing opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

HOME acquires, rehabilitates, and manages apartment buildings, condos, and single family homes.  Currently, HOME provides affordable housing opportunities for over 150 individuals and owns 42 properties.  As an owner and management company, HOME strives to purchase housing that is stable, affordable, and safe.

  • Stable, so that people with disabilities can use the stability and responsibilities of a home to reach their full potential.
  • Affordable, so that people with disabilities can have the dignity of supporting themselves.
  • Safe, so that people with disabilities can experience their right to feel safe in their own home. 

Additionally, by leveraging a variety of funding sources, HOME is able to provide affordable housing in desirable areas, located near great amenities such as grocery stores, and public transportation.  The housing staff works with the resident's support team to ensure that they lead active and healthy lives in their communities. We also assist families navigate the often complicated bureaucracy of the housing system.  Most important, we help create a sense of community among our residents.

Our immediate goal is to purchase single-family houses and duplexes, as well as multi-family apartment developments.  In the longer term, HOME plans to acquire larger multi-family apartments to have the capacity to develop rental housing on our own to serve the needs of the disabled population. These properties will allow a mixed income to provide a more stable basis for HOME's rental program. 

Today, HOME has a waiting list of over 100 individuals who have an aspiration to live ontheir own and experience independence.  HOME works with local cities, legislators, and state-wide housing consortiums to help meet the high demand for affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities.  We also need your support to help with this important work.  Funds are currently needed for down payments, closing costs to purchase new properties.  Additionally, funds are needed for households repairs, upkeep appliances, and furniture.

HOME makes you feel really independent. If it wasn’t for HOME, I would probably still be out here searching for a home.
— Linda Gowin

              Linda, HOME Tenant and Board Member

As I think about the future for my own son I am glad there is a place like HOME and I am glad to be a part of it.
— Woody Gruninger, HOME Board President
Woody and Maksim are ready for hockey season.

Woody and Maksim are ready for hockey season.